Custom Fundraising Solutions

Our fundraising program is designed to effortlessly boost your group or team’s financial goals. Let us handle the logistics while you enjoy the rewards!

How It Works

It’s simple. We collaborate with you to select the perfect apparel pieces for your campaign. Whether you have your own design or need us to create one, we’ve got you covered. We then set up your personalized online store where supporters can purchase directly. Your job? Spread the word about your fundraiser! Once the campaign ends, we’ll deliver your apparel (sorted and ready for distribution) or ship directly to your buyers, along with a check for your proceeds. Easy, right?

Fundraising FAQs

  • Do I need my own artwork? You’re welcome to provide your print-ready artwork. If you need custom designs, our team is here to assist, with potential artwork fees.
  • Can I offer multiple designs? Absolutely! While versatility is great, remember that selling fewer units per design might affect overall sales.
  • What’s the minimum order for profit? You need a minimum of 20 pieces per design to ensure a standard profit. We may adjust profit margins for designs that sell fewer than 20 pieces.
  • How much do I earn? You decide! Let us know the amount or percentage you want to add on top of our base price, and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Can I adjust prices? We’ll set competitive prices, but you can suggest higher prices if you believe your supporters will pay more.
  • What about product variety? There’s no limit on products, colors, or styles, as long as each design meets the minimum order requirement.
  • Is there any cost to me? Zero risk! There are no upfront costs. Simply promote your store and receive your earnings.
  • Are there setup fees for the online store? Initial setup for up to 20 products is free. Additional products incur a $50 setup fee per 20 items.
  • Any other fees to consider? A $25 digitizing/setup fee applies for embroidered and liquid embroidery logos, waived if we have your logo on file or if you sell at least 12 embroidered pieces with that logo.
  • Post-campaign logistics? We’ll promptly process orders after the store closes, delivering within 10-15 business days along with a detailed sales report and your earnings.
  • Do you handle order sorting? Yes! Each order is carefully sorted, bagged, and labeled for easy distribution. The handling fee for this service is included in the checkout process.